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Three new Module boards for the μpad

1We are in the final stages of testing 3 new modules for the μpad. There is a 2.4 inch Touch Screen LCD Module that allows learners to experiment with modern user interfaces. The new GSM Module will bring text messaging and email to the μpad. Then there is an I2C Module that introduces the user to the I2C protocol. The module has a real time clock, DAC and EEPROM

New website up and running

Today we launched our new website designed by Big Splash! Websites. This is the first major redesign since the original site that was lovingly handcrafted in good old fashioned html not long after we were founded. With the new site we are now selling some of our best selling products directly to the public. See the products page for details. This news page is also a new feature.

Coinciding with the launch of the new site we are also launching Maker’s Corner where modern electronic components are made accessible to ordinary hobbyists and members of the Maker’s community. We plan to continue to bring more products to the public and we are asking you, our customers to let us know what you want. Is there a product you would love to see on the market but there is just no-one making it? Let us know. We can turn our years of experience towards bringing your idea to reality.

We are still populating the products pages so if you have any urgent queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.