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A Christmas Soldering Project

We are in the final stages of preparing a Christmas soldering project. Here is a video of the prototype board.

This prototype is running on one of our own Freescale controller boards but the soldering kit will be designed to plug into an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. (If you don’t have one of these we can supply a pre-programmed controller.)

When you wave your hand over the photo sensor on the top of the board the light level drops. When the program senses this drop in light level it starts the music IC and runs a little light show.

The project can be soldered in under an hour and the program will take a few minutes. Something to impress your friends with at Christmas.

We are planning to run this as our second crowd-funding campaign starting in the next few days. Check back here for the details.

Another Project Idea: Solar Power kits

SolarThere is a lot of interest in alternative energy these days. We think there is an interest out there in solar power projects. We are planning projects that range from the very basic hobby kit to experiment with solar power through to larger practical solar energy solutions. We’re not thinking big ‘power the whole house’ solutions. There are lots of those around already. We are aiming more at projects that will light up the patio at night or keep my phone charged for free.

We’ll update you on the progress of this as it happens.

Crowdfunding campaign coming soon


Update: Our first campaign is now live on Indiegogo. Click here to see it.crowdfunding1

AusThai is in the process of launching our first crowdfunding campaign. We see crowdfunding as a very good way to involve our customers in our product development decision making process.

We will be running campaigns from time to time as way of allowing members of the community to have a say in development of our Maker’s Corner product line. In return for your contribution you will receive one or more of the new products as they come off the assembly line.

Stay tuned to this page for updates.

Re-thinking the upad

The upad enjoyed popularity with several educational institutions around the globe from 2010 until recently. Unfortunately, the approach we took with the interconnecting boards made a complete learning setup expensive when compared to other micro development boards such as Arduino.

We have decided to retire the upad and work on a smaller, cheaper approach to microcontroller lab platforms.

The upad mini is coming soon! Watch this space!

FPGA controller for the μpad

fpgaThe μpad system is based around the idea of a common backplane with replaceable controller boards and module boards. So far our controllers are based on microcontrollers. There is a lot happening in the world of FPGAs and Systems on a chip. Many of the functions that have traditionally been performed by microcontrollers are now being handled by FPGAs and hard wired logic.

We are currently talking to some of our regular customers in the education field to discover which FPGA may be most useful in a learning environment. We would love to hear any suggestions. Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

PIC-based controller for the μpad

picThe μpad system is based around the idea of a common backplane with replaceable controller boards and module boards. This approach works well with the controllers we’ve designed so far. We want to expand the range of controllers available for the system and we are currently looking at a PIC based controller.

This project is still in the planning stage. There is a large range of PIC processors out there. We are considering the PIC16F877A but we haven’t made a final decision. Do you have a preference or suggestion? Tell us with a comment below.