Re-thinking the upad

The upad enjoyed popularity with several educational institutions around the globe from 2010 until recently. Unfortunately, the approach we took with the interconnecting boards made a complete learning setup expensive when compared to other micro development boards such as Arduino.

We have decided to retire the upad and work on a smaller, cheaper approach to microcontroller lab platforms.

The upad mini is coming soon! Watch this space!

Soldering Kits make excellent gifts

We currently have 3 soldering kits that would make excellent Christmas gifts for a maker or electronics enthusiast.

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At $7.99 we have the Christmas Soldering Kit. A fun little soldering project for Arduino or Raspberry Pi that you can finish in an hour.


For a little less, at $5.99, we have the Serial Adaptor Kit for LCD displays. This kit allows you to connect an LCD to your microcontroller project through a serial port, so instead of using 6 to 10 pins for the LCD you need only one or two. This kit works with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.

Finally, we have the Face! A soldering kit we have been selling for years. It listens to noises in the room. If it hears something it opens its eyes and looks at it. Put the Face on a table between you and a friend and it will follow your conversation with its eyes. The Face kit is fully self contained with it’s own controller for $19.99.

We’re working on lots more kits. We let you know here when they are released.

Using the Serial LCD Adaptor for LCDs

Our first crowd-funding campaign was for the Serial LCD Adaptor kits. The product page in the AusThai Shop gives you some of the details on the operation of the kit. We thought it would be useful to give a general overview of  how you might use the kit.

The obvious advantage has been stated a few times now. The number of pins you will use on your microcontroller is greatly reduced. The Serial LCD Adaptor works with three types of serial link and has two operating modes to give you maximum flexibility. Continue reading Using the Serial LCD Adaptor for LCDs

A Christmas Soldering Project

We are in the final stages of preparing a Christmas soldering project. Here is a video of the prototype board.

This prototype is running on one of our own Freescale controller boards but the soldering kit will be designed to plug into an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. (If you don’t have one of these we can supply a pre-programmed controller.)

When you wave your hand over the photo sensor on the top of the board the light level drops. When the program senses this drop in light level it starts the music IC and runs a little light show.

The project can be soldered in under an hour and the program will take a few minutes. Something to impress your friends with at Christmas.

We are planning to run this as our second crowd-funding campaign starting in the next few days. Check back here for the details.

Turn the Raspberry Pi into a headless server with the Serial LCD Adaptor Kit

2Here is just one possible application of the Serial LCD Adaptor kit. Using a raspberry Pi and just four wires you can create a headless web server. In this example we use the LCD to display the server status without the need for a HDMI display.

The possibilities for this serial adaptor are endless. We are currently crowdfunding this project. Head over and take a look.

$6 Serial Adaptor Kit for LCD displays

For small contribution of just $6 you can have one of these kits.